Interaction Sound design is an extension of UX design. It is separated from most forms of sound creation in that we tend not work in a linear manner, our canvas is dynamic, always changing based on the users actions. We build audio jigsaw puzzles that always fit together regardless of the combination of pieces. We aim to enhance the experience by guiding the user through the interface utilizing aural signals. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not, but always sounding right and always serving a direct purpose.

At WhatSounds we take a holistic approach to sound design. We focus on UX design. Who is this product for? In what environment will people use this product? We use the product extensively to viscerally understand it. We work directly with the developers/designers/manufacturers to ensure a cohesive audio experience. We deliver the highest quality results.

At Whatsounds we want to help software and hardware developers understand that intelligent and thoughtful sound design can free us from the stigma that computer systems need to be silent lest they pester and annoy the user. Great sound design can carry so much information while still remaining subtle and beautiful.

Our Services:

  • UI/UX Sound Design
  • Embedded Electronics Sound Design
  • Audio Brand Consulting
  • Environmental Soundscape Profiling
  • General Audio Problem Solving

Charles Balderston - WhatSounds Design